A Trip to Xcaret: The Experience of a Lifetime

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Xcaret Park

As an artist, travel can be truly inspiring and help artistic growth.  Awhile back I was lucky and actually won a trip to Mexico and have been meaning to share some pictures from the trip ever since.  I had run a 5k race for Cinco De Mayo and didn't even realize that automatically entered me to win, so I was rather surprised when friends came running to find me to say my name was called and dragged me up on stage to claim my prize. While on that weekend trip my husband I decided to make an excursion to Xcaret which is an eco park with a sample of Mexico's culture, nature, food, music and beauty.

We thought it truly was an incredibly beautiful place and can't wait to go back again and take our daughter.  Rather than an amusement park filled with mechanical thrill rides and man-made attractions, this park is full of all the thrills the beauty of nature has to provide. There are archaeological sites to explore such as Mayan ruins, and rich cultural attractions such as the Mexican Folk Art Museum, a traditional Hacienda Henequenera and the Chapel of Guadalupe. Nature lovers will love the underground rivers to swim in, gorgeous hiking paths and stunning flora and fauna at places like the Butterfly Pavilion, Jaguar Island or the Coral Reef Aquarium


The park also provides access to the beach, bays and natural pools so you can dip your feet in a tidepool or grab a spot in a hammock and just soak in all the beauty if relaxing is your thing. 

There is plenty of entertainment too such as an equestrian show and a truly amazing show at the end of the night. We really enjoyed the lively musical journey through Mexico's history in Tlachco theater in Xcaret. Over 300 artists on stage, costumes and traditional dances. Honestly, we thought the show was almost worth the price of admission alone.

We booked our trip on which for us was Halloween weekend, and totally didn't even make the connection that we would get to celebrate Día de muertos at Xcaret

The celebration was simply amazing and there were so many striking things to see such as Ofrendas.



It is rare in today's day an age to find a place so dedicated to nature and found that this was a truly unforgettable and special experience.If you want to visit Xcaret and experience Mexico's culture, nature, food, music and beauty. Buy on-line now and get up to 15% off.