Natural, Global, Neutral Decor

Natural, Global, Neutral Decor

Creating a Neutral, Bohemian Home


It took me the longest time to be able to describe my personal favorite home decor look and to really describe the sense of style.  While I often can tell you all about a particular style and give you lots of sources for items to pull together that look, be it nautical, farmhouse or whatever you like my own personal favorite look is a neutral yet slightly eclectic, collected style with art and objects that have a global feel. Call it neutral bohemian perhaps.

There are a few elements that I've found are essential and try to include in every room I style.

Multiple textures 

Having multiple textures provides a room visual interest.  Mix different feeling fabrics and add in some elemental metal, clay, wood or glass objects. Your room will be a feast for your different senses. This also gives focus to how a room feels as well as looks.  Natural objects and textiles are an excellent way to be sure to add inviting and relaxing touches.


This room mixes patterned textiles, natural greenery, wood and metals.

This library room combines multiple varied natural materials such as stone, wood, greenery, clay (pottery) and various fibers through the textiles.  The combination lends the room an earthy, relaxing feel.

Layered patterns

I know frequently bright bohemian rooms full of textiles come to mind when one talks of layered patterns, but you can still use this idea with plenty of neutral items too. In fact, if you are tentative about layering patterns sticking to a simple color scheme of one to three shades makes this almost foolproof. Much like multiple textures, having a variety of patterns keeps the eyes entertained.

A variety of geometric patterns with modern, southwestern and bohemian styles look great in a neutral palette of black, beige and white with touches of green and khaki.

Patterns don't clash when you use similar color schemes.

Whether faux or fake this bit of color is soothing and works well in just about any decor setting. I typically use it as one of my only pops of vibrant color. In addition to dimensional plants, photographs and artwork of greenery like vintage botanical prints work well too. Not only is greenery beautiful (and on trend) it has been shown in studies such as an  eight year one that published it's results in 2016  to increase women's life spans!


This corner includes both faux grasses, live majesty palm as well as a print of photographed greenery. Greenery photographs are available HERE.



A varied collection of ferns lends this mantle a pop of color which contrasts beautifully with the art displayed. Ferns are especially good indoor plants as they require little sunlight and most are also pet friendly.
Unique Pieces and Art Work
Be sure to include pieces in your home that speak to you.  Look for unique items that represent who you are or that you enjoy. 
This room combines a combination of original art and pottery as well as thrifted items such as that mirror.  Scouring thrift stores, flea markets and online vintage dealers can help you keep from breaking the budget!
We often think of using wall art to decorate but don't overlook how sculptures can add dimension as well as serve as conversation pieces.  Find vintage brass pieces like this in the Valerie Tyler Collection.