Nautical Decor and Accents

Nautical Decor and Accents

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Growing up even though they lived Ohio, my grandparents had this incredibly cool wood-paneled basement with a nautical style wall complete with fish net, starfish and all.  As a toddler I totally fell for it when an older cousin told me that if I touched the starfish it would die, so I completely kept my hands off of it (Yeah, totally fell for the ploy that it wasn't already dead to keep me from breaking things.  But hey, I was two! )

I still remember my Grandpa sketching and painting a nautical scene as well as assembling a huge ship model.  I think the same older cousin owns that now. Lucky!

I don't know if that is where the fascination began for me with nautical decor, but it certainly was an inspiration. 

Even though when you think of Ohio, many people often think of the Midwest and farmlands or suburban cities,.  However, near where I live we have Lake Erie, the 11th largest lake in the world. I don't get to enjoy the lake views as much as when we used to live a block away, but still love it.

My point here is that you don't have to live on a sunny southern beach or cape cod home to appreciate and incorporate nautical accents into your decor. Though if you do, nothing wrong with that either! I've rounded up a collection of photographs from inspiring Instagram feeds (with permission) to show you just how elegant nautical decor can look.

This first one has such a truly stunning gallery wall.  I found Cassie's collection of artwork to be jaw-dropping gorgeous.  I loved the ruggedness of it all; the darker moodier tones that really made me think of burly sailors out on the seas or dream of swash-buckling pirates.  The pictures just make your imagination run away.


Photo Credit: Cassie Bustamante @primitiveandproper


The next photo shows the beauty of taking a natural history approach to nautical decor. The seahorse drawing is completely elegant.  You could potentially add some coral specimens or a few shells to a vignette like this too. It's such a serene and calming look.

Photo Credit:  @ourgentlemadness

Melissa Parks is a master of vintage styling.  (Of course, I may be biased as I love the color palette she tends to favor) The teals and turquoise colors here totally recall colors of the seas, and the brass nautical pieces add a lovely touch.


Photo credit: @megillicutti


This vignette by Ana Graham showcases nautical style in an elegant, traditional manner. Mixing those nautical elements with the blue and white chinoiserie is visually interesting and eye-catching.

Photo Credit: Ana Graham @avana_design

Shifting away from more neutral and traditional nautical themes leads me to the next photo which shows how you can give nautical decor a colorful, more bohemian, surfer vibe.  It's fun, eye-catching and sure to make you feel cheery.  Of course, considering this montage comes from The Beach House, in Hollywood Beach, CA that vibe isn't surprising at all.  I completely long to book a weekend here! 


Photo Credit:  @thebeachlodge

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't include a photos of nautical decor that was fresh and beachy like this one by @angelascozyhome

It just goes to show there are so many ways to include nautical decor in your home and you can find pieces that fit your own personal style whether you are more classic and traditional, earthy and natural or into bright bohemian styles. 

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