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How to Style Your Shelves and Bookcases

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

If you've come looking for the perfect formula to style your shelves and bookcases, I've got a surprise for you! I'm not going to give you one. What I am going to do though is encourage you to get creative, think outside of the box and decorate in a way that best represents your taste and style. 

The only rule I have is that you should always put things on your shelves that represent you and make you happy whether that is sculpture, art objects, plants, books or functional storage.

If you are struggling for inspiration though, here's a few ideas that can serve as suggestions and ides of how to start (versus hardcore styling rules)

If originally stumped how to begin, take a look at your favorite objects and see if you can find a color scheme or pattern.  In the case of these shelves, I had a lot of brass I wanted to display.  Paired with neutral black and white, I added green accents for a pop of color.

Vintage Brass Art Deco Bird, Valerie Tyler Collection


Can you find the speaker hidden on these shelves? Instead of mounting the speaker to the wall where it would really stand out, this speaker was hidden behind objects and also placed where it would blend into the color of the shelf so it wouldn't stick out too much.

You may have heard of rules like grouping objects by odd numbers,but you don't always have to do that! If you look at some of these shelves you will notice they sometimes have an even number of objects.  Varying the heights or materials is what gives the sense of contrast instead. 

Another example of differing heights are used to good effect.  Note the mirror on the wall also becomes part of the shelf display.

Never underestimate the power of unique shelving itself.  This eclectic collection when combined with the wicker rack has a unique bohemian style.

Decorative Metallic Mountain, Valerie Tyler Collection

There's an ongoing debate whether it's ok to turn your books bindings inside your shelves to get a more uniform look or whether you should have all the jackets facing outwards.  We're not picking sides!   Even though we're total book lovers around here, if you like the clean look of white pages facing outwards by all means do whatever you like!  Here's the same shelves with the books styled two different ways.

Books can also be grouped by color and also laid sideways and integrated into a color scheme.  In this case I've gone with a combination of black, white gold and greenery .

The perfect shelf situation isn't always a bookcase.  Floating shelves can dress up an otherwise plain wall  by adding extra dimension and visual interest.


Once in awhile think simple too!  A solitary bench turned into a plant shelf and placed below artwork makes a stunning visual. 


The following was styled by Lea, the interior stylist behind Creekwoodhill

Note the use of positive and negative space. While there are lots of interesting things to catch the eye, objects are grouped so as to not be cluttered in order for every element to shine!  There's a little bit of everything including, art, sculpture, books and plants. The shelves show tons of character and personality.

Photo Credit: Lea, Creekwoodhill

Shelves aren't just confined to library and office spaces though!  This is a lovely example of how beautifully you can style shelves elsewhere in the home such as a kitchen or laundry room.  Functional goods look like art when displayed both flat and stood vertical as if artwork.  The addition of plants keeps things looking soft and natural instead of stark and clinical.

Photo Credit: Fallon Burch of East and Poppy

Above all else, be true to yourself.  I'm a fan of eclectic global art, so you can find things like Egyptian sculptures, animal figurines, and geodes in our home.


More inspiration:

Happy shelf styling!  Hope you have fun displaying your treasures.

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How to Shop Online for Vintage Home Decor

Posted by Valerie Tyler on


Shopping online is becoming easier everyday! You can browse from the comfort of your own home however and whenever you like. Vintage home decor however tends to be unique and special and there are some things to take into consideration when you are shopping online versus in person. Here's a few tips to make shopping online for vintage home decor a breeze!

  • Pay attention to measurements. 

Sometimes photos that are zoomed to give you details close up will make an object look larger than it appears.  Also some items can be much larger than they come across online.

  •  Read descriptions entirely

 Items descriptions will often contain sizing, condition, and sometimes historical notes or the story behind a piece.

  • Be sure to look at all photos. 

Typically any small blemishes or issues will be highlighted in close up photos.  You will get a better idea of the object by viewing it from different angles.


  • Follow vintage home decor purveyors on social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook)

Often sellers will share their best items via social media and they will get snapped up before sellers can even take them to a show or list them in an online shop.

  • Sign up for seller mailing lists

Much like following a seller on social media, this is one of your best ways to get the inside scoop first on new merchandise.  Sometimes you might even snag a special subscriber only discount.


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Black and White Halloween and Fall Decor

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

Love to decorate for Fall and Halloween but just can't commit to warm orange tones. Think in black and white! Add subtle Gothic touches and earthy elements and you can easily transition from Halloween into Thanksgiving by just removing the creepier elements and leaving the pumpkins out through November! Here's some inspiration for you. Neutral pumpkins in can be displayed just about anywhere. Dress them up with a touch of metallic paint for a more glam look. Display with unique artifacts and sculptures to catch the eye.


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Neutral Patterned Decor

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Are you in love with pattern, but like to stick to a simple color scheme?  Wondering how to dress up a space but keep it looking natural? Today I wanted to show you a few ways to play with pattern, style and texture to make a neutral space really shine!

Here, intricately detailed accessories are balanced by a striking, minimalist photograph. Having less, but larger scaled items adds visual impact and keeps the area from looking cluttered.



A simple color palette is absolutely beautiful when multiple textures are used including soft velvet and fluffy pillows to counter rustic wood and natural fiber.

Source: @avelynlane


Grouping a collection of objects together can make a great visual impact.  In this case, these beautiful handwoven African baskets work together as installation art.

Source: @bexleyslc

Mixing and matching pillows in coordinating colors is always an easy way to add visual interest. You can also change styles to fit the seasons.

If you don't want to stick to entirely neutral colors adding pops of greenery brightens spaces up but still fits within an earth tone scheme


Source: @valerietylercollection

Patterns can also be complimented by graphic images in coordinating colors such as these botanical art pieces in black and white. 

Photo credit: The Cremebruleehome

If you found this inspiring, be sure to click through to the instagrammers who I asked to share these photos.  There is lots more inspiration to be found on their accounts!

Shopping resources:

Mudcloth style pillow from the Valerie Tyler Collection

Wall Art from the Valerie Tyler Collection


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Holiday Open House Tour

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

Living by a national park in a house surrounded by giant spruce trees I take my cues from the outdoors usually when planning out holiday decor.  You'll find plenty of evergreen and natural elements like pinecones or berries.  Our most popular visitors, the deer make an appearance too (both indoors and out).  I continue the warm, cozy theme by including plenty of traditional tartan and buffalo plaids!
Target did it again this year by having plenty of very affordable plaid ornaments.  I pretty much had to pick out at least one of each and barely spent $20!
While it's nice to keep things rustic and refined, with a toddler in the house we've got to have some fun favorites like these musical light up Charlie Brown figurines from Hallmark!
Vintage plaid blankets and metallic accents (from my own Valerie Tyler Collection) are combined with newer goods from Hobby Lobby and Homegoods!
Even the bathroom gets a bit dressed up for the holidays since of course we will have plenty of visitors!
The outdoors gets dressed up as well with greenery, plenty of lights and a vintage sled.
Looking to get the look yourself?  Check out the online shop for items like brass reindeer or vintage plaid blankets! We also carry plenty of brass to add that touch of glam to your holiday decor.

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