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Mountain Inspiration

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

When I began designing the pieces for the Wanderlust line for the Valerie Tyler Collection I let landforms and gorgeous locales serve as the inspiration for the pieces.  The jewelry was created drawing on the textures, shapes, lines and other elements you might see when gazing at various landscapes and natural structures.

The idea behind my dotted ridge earrings and dotted ridge necklace was to recreate the idea of a ridge dotted with rocks and to simulate the texture of a gorgeous craggy, rocky mountain scape.


Dotted Ridge Earrings

Mountain Photo from Unsplash

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River Inspiration

Posted by Valerie Tyler on


Rivers can be completely captivating.  They can change in a blink of an eye just from changing weather from a tiny trickle to raging waters. They bend one way then another. They curve through landscapes both gently overflowing or literally cutting through rock. They even have the power to completely change course over time.  I'm lucky to live near the Cuyahoga River so the power of rushing water is a definite inspiration to me.  Out of my love and awe of rivers I created the Riverbend Necklace.  The focal piece itself is made of curved brass, an abstract take on a bend along a river.  The curved piece itself even is corrugated to look like ripples of water. Lapis lazuli gemstones accent the necklace to symbolize blue waters. 

While rivers can unleash tremendous power at times, my favorites however are those that accent beautiful landscapes and provide tranquil beautiful places for reflection. I love rivers that feed environments with life.


An extra special thank you to photographers Jeff Sheldon, Julia Caesar and Wolfgang Moritzer for uploading their river photographs to Unsplash for all to use freely.  While you required no attribution with a creative commons 0 license, I still felt credit must be given where credit is due for your lovely work!

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