The making of our double heart personalized initial rings

Having been featured in the US Weekly holiday gift guide, our personalized initial rings quickly became one of the favorite items in the shop. The rings are solid cast brass. Before I even begin to personalize them the rings have been tumbled, filed and sanded. Then each ring is individually HAND STAMPED with the two initial letters you choose.

(They can also be stamped with numbers by request)

Here you can see the letter stamps that are used:

Rings are then formed on a mandrel and hammered with a rawhide mallet to get their correct shape.  (The rawhide mallet is used to keep from marring the metal)

After forming, polishing cloths and / or light sanding cloths are used to bring the rings up to a shine.

The result is a personalized ring you or your gift recipient will love. 



If hearts aren't your thing, we carry other personalized ring options as well including our custom personalized number ring, the chevron ring, and the minimalist initial ring.

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