Things You Can Do To Help Earth

Things You Can Do To Help Earth

Thank you vintage lovers for making an important choice about your purchases that is more sustainable and Earth friendly!

When you choose to purchase a vintage item over a new item you are participating in the earth friendly ideal of reduce, recycle, reuse. By purchasing vintage you are extending the life of products, which in turn means that less raw materials need to be used to make new ones.  This also saves energy and reduces pollution and greenhouse emissions from new manufacturing. In addition, giving items a longer lifespan puts less pressure on landfills as it can cut down on waste.

So many vintage items in the past were incredibly well made too in comparison to current products which can sometimes be produced faster in lower quality.  Luckily some of that is changing as consumers like you, demand more earth friendly products, and items made biodegradable and organic materials.

Here's a little infographic I made to give you more simple, action steps you can take to help the Earth each day.  Small changes and well thought out decisions about what you purchase can make a difference!

The Environmental Protection Agency has an article with other ways to reduce and reuse as well as a section on great places to donate things you'd like to pass on to others who would appreciate them. Visit Reducing and Reusing Basics for more information.