Why to Buy Vintage (Also, why we sell it!)


Vintage items that  have stood the test of time show their quality. They can often be higher quality than modern reproductions.

Buying pre-loved items is good for the environment.  It decreases the demand for new items and lessens the pressure to overuse resources.

Giving new life to vintage items keeps them out of landfills.  Since mid-century, humans have more than tripled what we send to landfills. Let's cut that number down.

Many vintage or antique items are unique or have a story to them.  They lend personality and character to your home.

Here at the Valerie Tyler Collection I try to stock the collection with vintage pieces that have a timeless style, handmade artisan pieces, and global goods. I also sometimes re-purpose, paint, refinish and repair items to bring them back to life or into a current style.