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Mountain Inspiration

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

When I began designing the pieces for the Wanderlust line for the Valerie Tyler Collection I let landforms and gorgeous locales serve as the inspiration for the pieces.  The jewelry was created drawing on the textures, shapes, lines and other elements you might see when gazing at various landscapes and natural structures.

The idea behind my dotted ridge earrings and dotted ridge necklace was to recreate the idea of a ridge dotted with rocks and to simulate the texture of a gorgeous craggy, rocky mountain scape.


Dotted Ridge Earrings

Mountain Photo from Unsplash

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I Love a Good Mystery Story #findthegirlsonthenegatives

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

So I was reading The Jealous Curator today and noticed a story she posted with gorgeous imagery and she called it a "beautiful, artsy mystery!" I read further to find out that these images were first discovered by Megan Abell and shared on her facebook page in the hopes of finding either the women or the photographer. 

The vintage nature, amazing lighting, lovely scenery and truly classically beautiful women make this a compelling tale.  This story is definitely too exciting not to share in the hopes that more clues will be found and more answers discovered. Since her original posting Megan has indeed learned more information to help every one get a little closer to the source of these photos.  For instance they're actually not negatives at all! They are actually slide film transparencies, and the location of the shoot may even now be pinpointed to Dockweiler Beach.

If you want to follow along with this exciting story visit Megan's facebook page. If you have any insight she's even left her e-mail on her facebook page where you can reach her. These are just a few of the stunning images that have been shared. Indeed, it would be wonderful to see such a talented photographer credited or for strikingly lovely women to see such beautiful photos of themselves. 


There have been even more exciting updates to this story.  On Looks Like Film it was shared that a local news reporter, Mark Homberg discovered even more images from this series! 


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River Inspiration

Posted by Valerie Tyler on


Rivers can be completely captivating.  They can change in a blink of an eye just from changing weather from a tiny trickle to raging waters. They bend one way then another. They curve through landscapes both gently overflowing or literally cutting through rock. They even have the power to completely change course over time.  I'm lucky to live near the Cuyahoga River so the power of rushing water is a definite inspiration to me.  Out of my love and awe of rivers I created the Riverbend Necklace.  The focal piece itself is made of curved brass, an abstract take on a bend along a river.  The curved piece itself even is corrugated to look like ripples of water. Lapis lazuli gemstones accent the necklace to symbolize blue waters. 

While rivers can unleash tremendous power at times, my favorites however are those that accent beautiful landscapes and provide tranquil beautiful places for reflection. I love rivers that feed environments with life.


An extra special thank you to photographers Jeff Sheldon, Julia Caesar and Wolfgang Moritzer for uploading their river photographs to Unsplash for all to use freely.  While you required no attribution with a creative commons 0 license, I still felt credit must be given where credit is due for your lovely work!

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Free Positive Affirmations Poster

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

It's been one of those weeks. News of someone too young passing away (actually, more than one person!), a rough interaction with someone I realize isn't the best of friends, my husband had some extra long work hours, and it's just generally been exhausting.
I am NOT complaining though, as some of the aforementioned events were really reminders to put things in perspective. Awhile ago I made this poster and shared it on my old website blog in the hopes it just might help brighten someone's day. Whenever times get tough I tend to find it's helpful to reach out to others so I wanted to reshare in the hopes it might help you or someone you know out.  Below you can download the poster and print it FREE. Frame it in a home or office or anywhere you need a little pick me up, share this link with someone or give it to a friend in need.  I only ask that you don't use it commercially.
I think I'm going to go ahead and stamp some more positive affirmation jewelry.  Somehow stamping words like warrior, namaste, strong, brave and joy is uplifting.

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Jewelry Care Tips

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click and purchase one of the product links, I may receive compensation.

Want a few tips to keep your jewelry looking good as new?  As a jewelry designer I'm frequently asked by customers and friends for tips on how to care for jewelry.  While some metals like tungsten and titanium barely oxidize or get scratches the majority of jewelry is made from metals that can oxidize, scratch, tarnish, and otherwise show signs of wear if not cared for properly.  As someone who has worked with a wide variety of types of metals and jewelry finishes I do have the following tips that can help you keep your jewelry looking good as new if you follow them. Here are some of the most important ones to follow:

  • Avoid chemicals (e.g. hairspray, household cleaning products, perfume)
  • Don't shower or bath while wearing your jewelry
  • Don't swim with your jewelry on
  • Minimize exposure to sweat by removing jewelry before exercising
  • Dry jewelry carefully before putting it away
  • Giving jewelry a gentle swipe with a soft polishing cloth to remove oils
  • Store jewelry in a soft pouch, acid free baggie or other dry spot.  
  • You may even wish to purchase a commercial anti-tarnish pouch or strips to store with your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry before going to bed to avoid potential damage, snagging, etc.. 
  • This is a weird one, but avoid contact with most wood (unless a box is specifically designated for jewelry)  A lot of wood can contain acids that can cause jewelry to tarnish.  

Sometimes certain metals require some extra care.  here's a few metals I work with often and my advice for taking care of them.

Sterling Silver Jewelry/ Oxidized Silver
Sometimes sterling silver jewelry has been intentionally oxidized by a designer to give it a more rustic or industrial look or to put emphasis on a texture or design in the metal.  You DO NOT want to use silver polish to clean as it can remove the oxidation.  Use a soft cloth to gently wipe off moisture only.  At times you might wish to use a polishing cloth specifically if you've had a lot of grime build up but be aware that oxidation can wipe off with too much force, or lighten up on a piece you wear often. If your sterling is shinier be careful in choosing polishes and only use those specifically made for silver as it is a softer metal and can scratch easily.

Brass Jewelry
Brass is often a very popular material for jewelry to be made out of since it is a much more affordable alternative to gold, and as opposed to plated jewelry there is no outer coating to wear off.  It can tarnish and oxidized petty easily however.  This isn't always a bad thing.  Brass jewelry that has oxidized can often take on a lovely vintage looking patina, giving jewelry an antiqued heirloom look.  If you prefer your brass shiny and new however use brass polish or a polishing cloth (e.g. Sunshine Polishing Cloth ) to shine it right up.  For solid brass jewelry that has an excessive amount of tarnish you can sand it with super fine sandpaper like 2000 grit or if you can get your hands on jewelers polishing (such as 3M WET/DRY ) going in the same direction to bring back the original shinier color. I tend to like brass because it is so super easy to shine up.

If you have a piece of jewelry you really love, but you find you have an allergy to there are a few things you can do.  Some people find that simply coating the piece where it offends their skin with clear nail polish can serve as enough of a barrier for the metal to not irritate them.  Or you can purchase a commercial product like Jewelry Shield to coat your jewelry.  Sometimes it's not that you have an allergy to the metals at all but things like moisture or chemicals trapped between the metal and your skin can cause a rash, that "green tinge" or itchiness.  Following the above mentioned list of tips can sometimes cut down on this.

  • Store jewelry with chalk since the chalk absorbs extra moisture
  • Keep those silica packets that come in shoeboxes to store with jewelry.  They absorb moisture too! 
  • Run necklace chains through a straw and then close the clasp to keep them from tangling.

My favorite product that I use all the time to maintain a shine are  Sunshine Polishing Cloths

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