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Jewelry Care Tips

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This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click and purchase one of the product links, I may receive compensation. Want a few tips to keep your jewelry looking good as new?  As a jewelry designer I'm frequently asked by customers and friends for tips on how to care for jewelry.  While some metals like tungsten and titanium barely oxidize or get scratches the majority of jewelry is made from metals that can oxidize, scratch, tarnish, and otherwise show signs of wear if not cared for properly.  As someone who has worked with a wide variety of types...

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New jewelry pieces coming soon!

bohemian collection sneak peeks jewelry necklace

A few sneak peeks at new work coming soon

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Adventure Awaits

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Why This Years Collection Is All About Travel and Geography

Jewelry Creation

Those of you who have followed Valerie Tyler Designs (now the Valerie Tyler Collection) may have noticed a trend recently in which the newest pieces of the collection seem to be named after geographical features, e.g. The Islander Haven Pendulum Earrings or the Dotted Ridge Necklace.  This wasn't simply because I wanted to give the new jewelry fancy names, but was really quite intentional. As a new mom who went through a heck of a time last year (let's just say there were too many emergency room visits with the little one and medical bills that were really annoying, but...

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Introducing The Valerie Tyler Collection!

  Though I've been in business since 2007, it was time to expand Valerie Tyler Designs into the new Valerie Tyler Collection. You'll still see the same quality, handmade style but with an updated, fresher and easier to navigate web-site. I'll be sharing a lot more stories about the creation of my jewelry, as well as style features, and exclusive insider sneak peeks!     

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