Free Positive Affirmations Poster

It's been one of those weeks. News of someone too young passing away (actually, more than one person!), a rough interaction with someone I realize isn't the best of friends, my husband had some extra long work hours, and it's just generally been exhausting.
I am NOT complaining though, as some of the aforementioned events were really reminders to put things in perspective. Awhile ago I made this poster and shared it on my old website blog in the hopes it just might help brighten someone's day. Whenever times get tough I tend to find it's helpful to reach out to others so I wanted to reshare in the hopes it might help you or someone you know out.  Below you can download the poster and print it FREE. Frame it in a home or office or anywhere you need a little pick me up, share this link with someone or give it to a friend in need.  I only ask that you don't use it commercially.
I think I'm going to go ahead and stamp some more positive affirmation jewelry.  Somehow stamping words like warrior, namaste, strong, brave and joy is uplifting.