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Over a Dozen Ways to Give Your Home a Woodland Vibe

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

Now that Autumn is here, a little woodland style is just the thing to ooze those cozy vibes.  Whether you that means rustic cottage, an earthy cabin, or a more sophisticated preppy home the forest is a wonderful inspiration for your home!
Here's a few ideas motivate you!
Natural photography of course brings a touch of the outside in.  Big, fluffy plaid flannel pillows definitely call you to sit and stay awhile and maybe enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Add touches direct from nature like real branches, live plants and stone sculptures.  Brass deer and other woodland creatures add a touch of whimsy.

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Buy Vintage, Save Resources: Let’s Take Care of Our Earth

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With billions of tons of trash being created each year, why not look towards vintage for your home decor needs? New manufacturing puts a strain on resources. Giving vintage items a second life instead of continually creating new is one great way to slow our rate of consumption. Thank you so much to our customers for not only supporting our business, but supporting the idea of reuse and re-purposing while decorating your home.  We carefully select our vintage, specifically looking for products that are quality, are made to last and will withstand the test of time instead of disposable products that will eventually make their way to a landfill.

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How to Style Your Shelves and Bookcases

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

If you've come looking for the perfect formula to style your shelves and bookcases, I've got a surprise for you! I'm not going to give you one. What I am going to do though is encourage you to get creative, think outside of the box and decorate in a way that best represents your taste and style. 

The only rule I have is that you should always put things on your shelves that represent you and make you happy whether that is sculpture, art objects, plants, books or functional storage.

If you are struggling for inspiration though, here's a few ideas that can serve as suggestions and ides of how to start (versus hardcore styling rules)

If originally stumped how to begin, take a look at your favorite objects and see if you can find a color scheme or pattern.  In the case of these shelves, I had a lot of brass I wanted to display.  Paired with neutral black and white, I added green accents for a pop of color.

Vintage Brass Art Deco Bird, Valerie Tyler Collection


Can you find the speaker hidden on these shelves? Instead of mounting the speaker to the wall where it would really stand out, this speaker was hidden behind objects and also placed where it would blend into the color of the shelf so it wouldn't stick out too much.

You may have heard of rules like grouping objects by odd numbers,but you don't always have to do that! If you look at some of these shelves you will notice they sometimes have an even number of objects.  Varying the heights or materials is what gives the sense of contrast instead. 

Another example of differing heights are used to good effect.  Note the mirror on the wall also becomes part of the shelf display.

Never underestimate the power of unique shelving itself.  This eclectic collection when combined with the wicker rack has a unique bohemian style.

Decorative Metallic Mountain, Valerie Tyler Collection

There's an ongoing debate whether it's ok to turn your books bindings inside your shelves to get a more uniform look or whether you should have all the jackets facing outwards.  We're not picking sides!   Even though we're total book lovers around here, if you like the clean look of white pages facing outwards by all means do whatever you like!  Here's the same shelves with the books styled two different ways.

Books can also be grouped by color and also laid sideways and integrated into a color scheme.  In this case I've gone with a combination of black, white gold and greenery .

The perfect shelf situation isn't always a bookcase.  Floating shelves can dress up an otherwise plain wall  by adding extra dimension and visual interest.


Once in awhile think simple too!  A solitary bench turned into a plant shelf and placed below artwork makes a stunning visual. 


The following was styled by Lea, the interior stylist behind Creekwoodhill

Note the use of positive and negative space. While there are lots of interesting things to catch the eye, objects are grouped so as to not be cluttered in order for every element to shine!  There's a little bit of everything including, art, sculpture, books and plants. The shelves show tons of character and personality.

Photo Credit: Lea, Creekwoodhill

Shelves aren't just confined to library and office spaces though!  This is a lovely example of how beautifully you can style shelves elsewhere in the home such as a kitchen or laundry room.  Functional goods look like art when displayed both flat and stood vertical as if artwork.  The addition of plants keeps things looking soft and natural instead of stark and clinical.

Photo Credit: Fallon Burch of East and Poppy

Above all else, be true to yourself.  I'm a fan of eclectic global art, so you can find things like Egyptian sculptures, animal figurines, and geodes in our home.


More inspiration:

Happy shelf styling!  Hope you have fun displaying your treasures.

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The making of our double heart personalized initial rings

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

Having been featured in the US Weekly holiday gift guide, our personalized initial rings quickly became one of the favorite items in the shop. The rings are solid cast brass. Before I even begin to personalize them the rings have been tumbled, filed and sanded. Then each ring is individually HAND STAMPED with the two initial letters you choose.

(They can also be stamped with numbers by request)

Here you can see the letter stamps that are used:

Rings are then formed on a mandrel and hammered with a rawhide mallet to get their correct shape.  (The rawhide mallet is used to keep from marring the metal)

After forming, polishing cloths and / or light sanding cloths are used to bring the rings up to a shine.

The result is a personalized ring you or your gift recipient will love. 



If hearts aren't your thing, we carry other personalized ring options as well including our custom personalized number ring, the chevron ring, and the minimalist initial ring.

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Summertime Nautical Decor Vibes

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

Summer has us feeling all the nautical vibes! Who else is in the mood to hit the beach, catch the breezes going sailing, or search for a cache of shells along the shore.
Whether oceanside views are in your future or not, here's a few sea inspired treasures (No digging in the sand necessary!)
Vintage Brass Dolphins look like they are playfully jumping through the waves.
This darling turtle is actually a box, it's Wade porcelain from England!
A trio of vintage studio pottery in coordinating, soothing blue tones recalls ocean colors.

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