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Spotlight on the Month - Home decor, Instagram favorites and more - January 2019

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

New for 2019!

Each month I’m going to do a little spotlight on some of what I’ve been up to with my online collection, share what has caught my eye this month, and leave you with a little inspiration. 

Let’s kick things off with some things seen around the web that really caught my eye.

Highlights from Around the Web

I was excited to find out my pals, both were featured in Origin Magazine this month! Congratulations to Abbie (anaberdesign) and Christina (southern mesa trading)! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Photo credit: anaberdesign

Photo credit: Southernmesatrading


Even more from around the web...

Apparently my love of Mid-century modern decor makes sense  since when I took this quiz from Better Homes and Gardens, my decor style fell in the appropriate decade.

Wine tastings and decor shopping?  Sign me up please! Restoration Hardware has created quite an amazing experience.   

Plant lovers take note, if you live in the woods like we do it is possible to care for plants in low light.

We are all doing KonMari this month! (Seriously, as a vintage seller who actually likes neat spaces this is essential to me!)


Instagram Highlights

A few of my favorite posts from Instagram this month:

Sharing my Obelisk Obsession
(Can you spot the speaker?)


Decor Style Theme I’m Currently Digging

Boho Scandinavian

Ikea inspired decor gets a more grown up makeover for a slightly more unbuttoned look. Perhaps it’s the new year talking but I love how this look is still clean, organized and minimal but letting in a little bohemian inspiration makes it feel a bit more relaxed and earthy.

Great examples:

Photo Credit: Alma Chavz


Photo Credit: Monika at Zigzagstudiodesign


My shopping pics for a natural, modern style. Get the look this month:

Vintage Japanese Vase, Valerie Tyler Collection

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Tips to De-clutter Your Home and Make Your Decor Meaningful

Posted by Valerie Tyler on

It might seem counter-intuitive that as a retailer that sells home decor, I would want to help you get rid of things and de-clutter your life but I'm going to offer some tips to do just that today.

Here's my reasoning why; Obviously, based on the type of nature inspired, global style decor I carry in the Valerie Tyler Collection, I think home should be a place of refuge that reflects the beauty of the Earth. Your outer environment and that which you surround yourself with can soothe your inner state of being. 

A cluttered home is quite the opposite of that.  Being surrounded by belongings that stress you out, serve as distractions, and sometimes have the power to make you angry or sad are in no way helpful.  I have an almost karmic belief that when you create space in your life, it allows you space to then refill it with only that which is important to you. You can focus in the future on making only purchases of things that truly make you happy and will stand the test of time.  Think quality versus quantity.  Find items which can be both functional and artistic, items that are made with beautiful materials, and collect only those things which bring you happiness. 

Let's first analyze a few thoughts that might be holding you back.  Have you ever thought any of the following?

Common Barriers to De-Cluttering

  • I might need that someday
  • I paid a lot of money for that
  • I don't know how to get rid of this
  • That's useful (even though I hate it)
  • I don't want to waste that


To counter-attack several of these thoughts, It's important to put a value on your mental health and your time.

If you think "I might need that someday"

Remind yourself that if you hold on to everything because you *might* need it someday, the odds are good you will spend a lot of time looking for things

If you think "I paid a lot of money for that"

You need to realize that though you paid a lot of money for something, is it worth ANYTHING if you are not using it or enjoying it?  There are two things you can do in this case.  Think of whether you can sell it quickly and easily.  Find a resale site and see if you can find it a new home.  If you can't it's not worth nearly what you think it is and you might as well just donate it or give it away.

If you think "I don't know how to get rid of this"

Do a few quick google searches.  Odds are good there is information about how to donate or toss almost any item you have.  Most thrift stores will accept a large majority of household items.  For other items, such as large furniture put them on a local site for free or a greatly discounted price.  Check with your local municipality about what can be recycled and special trash days for large items and hazardous waste.
When you think "That's useful (even though I hate it)"

Why surround yourself with things you find ugly or hate using. Is something really that useful when it makes you unhappy every time you look at it or use it?  Is there something else you can use instead of possibly a way to do without?  Take the time to find something with the same functionality that you like much better.

If you think "I don't want to waste that"

Then give it away!  Giving feels wonderful.  Host a huge dinner party to use up extra food, or donate non-expired items to a food pantry.  Make a dinner for a senior or single neighbor. Donate craft supplies or paper goods to schools or youth groups.  Consider the impact to the environment an act accordingly.  Recycle, donate or find someone else who can reuse it who would actually enjoy it.


Making your home your refuge is the EASY part.  When you feel the urge to make a purchase or add something to your home always ask yourself whether the object makes your life better in some way.  Does using it make your life easier, and you don't harbor any feelings of loathing towards the item?  (Even if something makes your life easier, if you groan every time you look at it, just find something else to fulfill that items purpose) Does it make you happy to look at?  Maybe it calms your spirit, causes you to remember something fondly, makes you laugh, or gets your creative juices flowing. Take the time to seek out lasting and quality goods.  It often makes more financial sense to sometimes pay more for something that is more beautiful or of better quality because you continue to love it and use it versus buy many, poorer quality, less expensive substitutes that never quite make you happy.

Look for:

  • Beauty / Character
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Timeless Style

Keep these ideas in mind and avoid poor substitutes.  A lot of times I think this is why vintage is getting to be so popular.  The quality of goods has already been time tested, you can see whether the style has been timeless as well. 

Items that are functional, well made and beautiful will stand the test of time.


So remember:



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How to Shop Online for Vintage Home Decor

Posted by Valerie Tyler on


Shopping online is becoming easier everyday! You can browse from the comfort of your own home however and whenever you like. Vintage home decor however tends to be unique and special and there are some things to take into consideration when you are shopping online versus in person. Here's a few tips to make shopping online for vintage home decor a breeze!

  • Pay attention to measurements. 

Sometimes photos that are zoomed to give you details close up will make an object look larger than it appears.  Also some items can be much larger than they come across online.

  •  Read descriptions entirely

 Items descriptions will often contain sizing, condition, and sometimes historical notes or the story behind a piece.

  • Be sure to look at all photos. 

Typically any small blemishes or issues will be highlighted in close up photos.  You will get a better idea of the object by viewing it from different angles.


  • Follow vintage home decor purveyors on social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook)

Often sellers will share their best items via social media and they will get snapped up before sellers can even take them to a show or list them in an online shop.

  • Sign up for seller mailing lists

Much like following a seller on social media, this is one of your best ways to get the inside scoop first on new merchandise.  Sometimes you might even snag a special subscriber only discount.


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Monochrome Home- Black and White Decor Inspiration

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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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When we bought out house while there were many things we loved about it, we unfortunately were not completely thrilled with the kitchen.  While the dining area was roomy and there were a few upgrades, it had old solid oak cabinets that cast a yellowy-orange look on everything. 

For a long time we wanted to upgrade them but didn't want to put in a lot of expense.  We finally refinished and painted them ourselves and I don't know why we were afraid to for so long!

 This was the BEFORE

Here's what we did:

Project Materials

  • Trisodium Phosphate
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning Gloves
  • Sherwin Williams Black Magic Showcase Paint (one gallon did this all!)
  • 220 Grit Sandpaper
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Two large buckets
  • Optional: Wood or something else to lift doors off of cleaning and painting surface.

First things first, carefully remove your cabinet doors to clean them down before painting.  We actually did our cabinets in sections so the project wasn't too big at any one time.  Be sure to organize your cabinet hardware carefully so you don't mix the pieces up.  Find a large enough space where they can be undisturbed and spread out to clean, paint and thoroughly dry. Lay them down in an organized fashion so you remember which doors go where.

Next, clean those cabinets down. We used Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) mixed with water. Follow any directions given on the box you purchase. In our case we used about a half cup of TSP per 4 gallons of water.  Have another bucket of clear water handy to rinse them off.

Note: BE SURE to wear gloves when working with TSP.  Do not wash doors with bare hands.

We also sanded the doors down gently with 220 grit sandpaper to make sure the paint would adhere well.  Be sure to clean any remaining dust from this off before painting.

We painted our cabinets then with Sherwin Williams Showcase paint.  The particular color we chose was Black Magic.  It only took 1-2 coats and minor touch up.  Be sure to use a quality paint brush.  I found touching up then with a foam brush over top was helpful. Be sure to give the doors PLENTY of time to dry.  The more the better.

Ready for the finished result?

FINISHED PROJECT (we still need to add door hardware and we'd like to put in a backsplash.  The walls were also painted a new color as well)



Resources (Ad: These are affiliate links)



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