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Monochrome Home- Black and White Decor Inspiration

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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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When we bought out house while there were many things we loved about it, we unfortunately were not completely thrilled with the kitchen.  While the dining area was roomy and there were a few upgrades, it had old solid oak cabinets that cast a yellowy-orange look on everything. 

For a long time we wanted to upgrade them but didn't want to put in a lot of expense.  We finally refinished and painted them ourselves and I don't know why we were afraid to for so long!

 This was the BEFORE

Here's what we did:

Project Materials

  • Trisodium Phosphate
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning Gloves
  • Sherwin Williams Black Magic Showcase Paint (one gallon did this all!)
  • 220 Grit Sandpaper
  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Two large buckets
  • Optional: Wood or something else to lift doors off of cleaning and painting surface.

First things first, carefully remove your cabinet doors to clean them down before painting.  We actually did our cabinets in sections so the project wasn't too big at any one time.  Be sure to organize your cabinet hardware carefully so you don't mix the pieces up.  Find a large enough space where they can be undisturbed and spread out to clean, paint and thoroughly dry. Lay them down in an organized fashion so you remember which doors go where.

Next, clean those cabinets down. We used Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) mixed with water. Follow any directions given on the box you purchase. In our case we used about a half cup of TSP per 4 gallons of water.  Have another bucket of clear water handy to rinse them off.

Note: BE SURE to wear gloves when working with TSP.  Do not wash doors with bare hands.

We also sanded the doors down gently with 220 grit sandpaper to make sure the paint would adhere well.  Be sure to clean any remaining dust from this off before painting.

We painted our cabinets then with Sherwin Williams Showcase paint.  The particular color we chose was Black Magic.  It only took 1-2 coats and minor touch up.  Be sure to use a quality paint brush.  I found touching up then with a foam brush over top was helpful. Be sure to give the doors PLENTY of time to dry.  The more the better.

Ready for the finished result?

FINISHED PROJECT (we still need to add door hardware and we'd like to put in a backsplash.  The walls were also painted a new color as well)



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Why to Buy Vintage (Also, why we sell it!)

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Vintage items that  have stood the test of time show their quality. They can often be higher quality than modern reproductions.

Buying pre-loved items is good for the environment.  It decreases the demand for new items and lessens the pressure to overuse resources.

Giving new life to vintage items keeps them out of landfills.  Since mid-century, humans have more than tripled what we send to landfills. Let's cut that number down.

Many vintage or antique items are unique or have a story to them.  They lend personality and character to your home.

Here at the Valerie Tyler Collection I try to stock the collection with vintage pieces that have a timeless style, handmade artisan pieces, and global goods. I also sometimes re-purpose, paint, refinish and repair items to bring them back to life or into a current style.

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Black and White Halloween and Fall Decor

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Love to decorate for Fall and Halloween but just can't commit to warm orange tones. Think in black and white! Add subtle Gothic touches and earthy elements and you can easily transition from Halloween into Thanksgiving by just removing the creepier elements and leaving the pumpkins out through November! Here's some inspiration for you. Neutral pumpkins in can be displayed just about anywhere. Dress them up with a touch of metallic paint for a more glam look. Display with unique artifacts and sculptures to catch the eye.


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Neutral Patterned Decor

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Are you in love with pattern, but like to stick to a simple color scheme?  Wondering how to dress up a space but keep it looking natural? Today I wanted to show you a few ways to play with pattern, style and texture to make a neutral space really shine!

Here, intricately detailed accessories are balanced by a striking, minimalist photograph. Having less, but larger scaled items adds visual impact and keeps the area from looking cluttered.



A simple color palette is absolutely beautiful when multiple textures are used including soft velvet and fluffy pillows to counter rustic wood and natural fiber.

Source: @avelynlane


Grouping a collection of objects together can make a great visual impact.  In this case, these beautiful handwoven African baskets work together as installation art.

Source: @bexleyslc

Mixing and matching pillows in coordinating colors is always an easy way to add visual interest. You can also change styles to fit the seasons.

If you don't want to stick to entirely neutral colors adding pops of greenery brightens spaces up but still fits within an earth tone scheme


Source: @valerietylercollection

Patterns can also be complimented by graphic images in coordinating colors such as these botanical art pieces in black and white. 

Photo credit: The Cremebruleehome

If you found this inspiring, be sure to click through to the instagrammers who I asked to share these photos.  There is lots more inspiration to be found on their accounts!

Shopping resources:

Mudcloth style pillow from the Valerie Tyler Collection

Wall Art from the Valerie Tyler Collection


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