Decor for World Travelers at Heart

Decor for World Travelers at Heart

It's a strange feeling living during a global pandemic. I'm sure many of you while sheltering at home are missing the days when you could travel and explore.

One of my goals with The Valerie Tyler Collection has been to connect my customers with people and places around the world by sharing vintage art from a variety of cultures.  You will find many objects that have a distinctively global look to them. While your world travels may be on hold right now, here's some inspiration for you adventurers and explorers that give you a little glimpse of the greater globe. 




Shop the look:  Vintage Pheasant Figurine

Shop the look:  Vintage Brass Buddha Bookends


Shop the Look:  Tiki Bookends

Shop the look:  Mid Century Monkey Sculpture
This vignette has a Southwestern style, with plenty of desert influences. 


Shop the look:  Vintage Cedar Mesa Pottery

Can you spot some Italian influences below?  Take a look and see if you can find Egyptian reproductions.  You might also spy some Mayan art, African art, and even Indonesian influences.

Shop this global look:  Vintage King Tut Bookends


Shop:  Antique Betel Box




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