I Love a Good Mystery Story #findthegirlsonthenegatives

So I was reading The Jealous Curator today and noticed a story she posted with gorgeous imagery and she called it a "beautiful, artsy mystery!" I read further to find out that these images were first discovered by Megan Abell and shared on her facebook page in the hopes of finding either the women or the photographer. 

The vintage nature, amazing lighting, lovely scenery and truly classically beautiful women make this a compelling tale.  This story is definitely too exciting not to share in the hopes that more clues will be found and more answers discovered. Since her original posting Megan has indeed learned more information to help every one get a little closer to the source of these photos.  For instance they're actually not negatives at all! They are actually slide film transparencies, and the location of the shoot may even now be pinpointed to Dockweiler Beach.

If you want to follow along with this exciting story visit Megan's facebook page. If you have any insight she's even left her e-mail on her facebook page where you can reach her. These are just a few of the stunning images that have been shared. Indeed, it would be wonderful to see such a talented photographer credited or for strikingly lovely women to see such beautiful photos of themselves. 


There have been even more exciting updates to this story.  On Looks Like Film it was shared that a local news reporter, Mark Homberg discovered even more images from this series!