Perfect Jewelry Accessories for Fall

In addition to my own jewelry accessories for fall, this post also includes a few recommended affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase through these links I may receive extra compensation.


With autumn on the way it's time to shop for the perfect accessories to pay homage to the Fall Season. Fall always makes me think of nature and the desire to take long walks through colorful woods, full of warm colors.  Those walks include gorgeous trees, rocks and paths with intricate textures and the air is crisp and refreshing.  My style picks today feature either brass pieces with the rich warm golden tones you might find in leaves, pieces that recall themes in nature like pine needles, or accessories with rustic, organic looking textures. 
The Pine Needle Charm Necklace features a tiny, delicate sterling silver charm hand-stamped with a texture that looks like frond from an evergreen tree.  It hangs on a sturdy oxidized rope chain and is perfect for everyday wear. 
The limited edition Pebbled Delta earrings from the Valerie Tyler Collection recall hikes along rocky riverbeds.  The earrings have a nice warm tone for fall from the golden, oxidized brass.
Fall moons are especially lovely, and the Lunar Phases Necklace certainly showcases the beauty of the changing Autumn moon.
To carry out the earthy theme,these gorgeous autumn accessories from ModCloth have natural, fall colors and a bit of a rustic, elegant countryside look.
Film Noir and Again Hat in Moss - $44.99
from: ModCloth
Keystone State Weekend Bag in Whiskey Molasses - $69.99
from: ModCloth