DIY Holiday Display



For the holidays I re-purposed steel bird cages to make a a simple, yet striking centerpiece for my dining room table.  This was SUPER re-purposed too because I used the same bird cages for a Halloween display elsewhere in my house earlier, and just switched out the decorations inside the cages.  Definitely a good way to stretch your decor budget!  

I actually found all three of my bird cages on various trips to a local thrift store.  They're not too uncommon and you can check garage sales, consignment sales, and if you're really in a pinch even a pet store or small decor shop (though they might not be as artistic looking). 

While these were previously painted black for Halloween I gave them a light dusting of an  dark green spray paint but sporadically applied on top of the black it so they had a vintage look. I then scavenged my yard for evergreen branches, pine cones and twigs to lend some natural style.  I did purchase dried moss and fake berry branches from a local craft store. 

It was simple, not too expensive and best of all took very little time to put together.  Plus I enjoyed getting outside and using some natural elements from my own back yard.