Bohemian Home Decor Inspiration

Bohemian Home Decor Inspiration

Bohemian style homes can run the gamut from bold and exotic, to neutral and earthy. They tend to have the look of someone well-traveled, with a collection of items from far away, exotic places as well as plenty of earthy elements that show their owners are rather in tune with nature. Whether you are a laid back soul, or just want a space to inspire you to relax styling your home with bohemian elements is a perfect idea for home owners with eclectic tastes and a love of pattern, texture and unique items. Think comfort when aiming for a bohemian look. Poufs, rugs, blankets all add a soft touch and give places to relax and lounge. Don't be afraid to mix textures and patterns. Have a color palette in mind and mix and match items within that range of colors. Those who like things more neutral may mix beige, white, black and green. If you are more daring your palette may be something more like bright red mixed with indigo and orange. If you are looking for shopping ideas affiliate links are included to inspire you:

Embroidered Leather Pouf, White/Black

from: One Kings Lane

Anatolian Kilim Wool Floor Pouf Pillow

from: One Kings Lane

Gray Karla Pouf, Kilim

from: One Kings Lane

6'x9' Beni Qurain Rug, Ivory/Navy Blue

6'x9' Beni Qurain Rug, Ivory

African Tribal Mud Cloth Throw
from: One Kings Lane
Look to nature for inspiration. Bohemian homes tend to have as many plants as they do pieces of furniture! Don't be afraid to think outside the norm either.  Hang planters on the wall, or let terrariums dangle from hooks on the ceilings.  Collect planters and plant stands big and small to put greenery at various levels.  Indoor plants aren't only lovely, they're beneficial for your health as well.  Of course if you have little indoor sun or cats don't be afraid to consider some realistic looking faux plants to round out your look.

S/3 10" Succulents in Planter, Faux - $35.00

from: One Kings Lane

19" Maidenhair in Planter, Faux

Iron Planter on Stand

from: One Kings Lane
Brass Swirl Vase, Valerie Tyler Collection

Bamboo Hanging Planter


One of the most fun parts about bohemian decor is that it is often a collected look from travels, vintage and flea finds and handmade treasures.  It's an opportunity to showcase beautiful Moroccan Art, other African art, Native American handiwork, and Mexican folk art.  Enjoy the thrill of the hunt finding pieces with history and meaning.  Collect handmade macrame wall art or plant hangers, handmade rugs, hand-dyed textiles and let your possessions tell a story and have meaning. 

Brass Tray, Valerie Tyler Collection

Medium Sarah Lantern, Black

from: One Kings Lane

Straw Basket w/ Coyotes

African Baule Low Stool w/ Carved Motif



 Vintage Brass Steer, Valerie Tyler Collection

Small Mesa Wall Hanging




Tri-Moon Wall Hanging
from: Moorea Seal