Spotlight on the Month -  Home decor, Instagram favorites and more - January 2019

Spotlight on the Month - Home decor, Instagram favorites and more - January 2019

New for 2019!

Each month I’m going to do a little spotlight on some of what I’ve been up to with my online collection, share what has caught my eye this month, and leave you with a little inspiration. 

Let’s kick things off with some things seen around the web that really caught my eye.

Highlights from Around the Web

I was excited to find out my pals, both were featured in Origin Magazine this month! Congratulations to Abbie (anaberdesign) and Christina (southern mesa trading)! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Photo credit: anaberdesign

Photo credit: Southernmesatrading


Even more from around the web...

Apparently my love of Mid-century modern decor makes sense  since when I took this quiz from Better Homes and Gardens, my decor style fell in the appropriate decade.

Wine tastings and decor shopping?  Sign me up please! Restoration Hardware has created quite an amazing experience.   

Plant lovers take note, if you live in the woods like we do it is possible to care for plants in low light.

We are all doing KonMari this month! (Seriously, as a vintage seller who actually likes neat spaces this is essential to me!)


Instagram Highlights

A few of my favorite posts from Instagram this month:

Sharing my Obelisk Obsession
One way to hide technology in your decor
(Can you spot the speaker?)


Decor Style Theme I’m Currently Digging

Boho Scandinavian

Ikea inspired decor gets a more grown up makeover for a slightly more unbuttoned look. Perhaps it’s the new year talking but I love how this look is still clean, organized and minimal but letting in a little bohemian inspiration makes it feel a bit more relaxed and earthy.

Great examples:

Photo Credit: Angela Mueller of Restoring Home
Photo Credit: Alma Chavz


Photo Credit: Monika at Zigzagstudiodesign


My shopping pics for a natural, modern style. Get the look this month:

Vintage Japanese Vase, Valerie Tyler Collection

Marble Camel Sculpture, Valerie Tyler Collection
Light Frost Blue Geode, Valerie Tyler Collection