Summertime Nautical Decor Vibes

Summer has us feeling all the nautical vibes! Who else is in the mood to hit the beach, catch the breezes going sailing, or search for a cache of shells along the shore.
Whether oceanside views are in your future or not, here's a few sea inspired treasures (No digging in the sand necessary!)
Vintage Brass Dolphins look like they are playfully jumping through the waves.
This darling turtle is actually a box, it's Wade porcelain from England!
A trio of vintage studio pottery in coordinating, soothing blue tones recalls ocean colors.

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  • Katarina - on

    Love your selection of summer nautical pieces! Dolphins are my favorite because they’re my favorite animal and this piece looks so cheerful and playful. However, I also love the details on a turtle figure. Thanks for sharing this, I might get at least one of these!

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