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Vintage Blue and White Lidded Rice Bowl, Chinoserie

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Vintage blue and white lidded bowl. Use as a large bowl for serving rice or ramen or as a beautiful decorative item for a centerpiece or shelf.
The bowl is decorated with cranes (or emblems of a rising phoenix) A handpainted blue flower adorns the handle of the lid and a geometric patterns along the edge of the lid and the bowl.

Dimensions: Bowl 7 1/4" wide (outer diameter) and 4 1/4" tall. With lid approximately 6 1/2" tall. The lid is 8" wide in diameter.

Condition: This has a very rustic, handmade style. There are some imperfections on the glazing, what looks like a chip along the edge, but it's pretty smooth so it may actually have been part of the creation. The bottom of the bowl has a rough edge with feet that aren't very smooth, though the bowl still sits nicely. Intensity of cobalt blue ink varies. There are a few tiny red oxidized spots from age. It has a beautiful vintage / antique look.

Date: Circa early mid-century or earlier.