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Vintage Brass Bells - Sarna Bells and Elephant Bells

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Set of 11 vintage brass Sarna Bells. I've left these in their original condition as found. It looks like some may have been added to the collection at different times based on how some are tied on. There are 4 in what is known as "elephant" style in various sizes as well as a variety of other shapes. Some have a bit of original enamel on them. One is marked "Fantastyland" The bells have beautiful tinkling sounds, with different the different sizes creating a variety of tones.

Est. 1950s / 60s or earlier (with the elephant bells probably being the oldest. The more conical shaped ones were probably from the 60s) Set appears to have been collected at different times and added on to.
Fun fact, elephant bells are called as such because they were actually worn by elephants traditionally.

These have a dark patina, the original rope is very well worn.

Largest bell is about 2 1/4" across

These would make beautiful wind chimes, with lovely meditative sounds