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Vintage Copper Watering Can

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Vintage slightly rustic, copper watering can.

Lovely little copper watering can. It's sized perfectly for use with a small indoor garden or for taking care of smaller outdoor plants. This piece still has it's original tag that says "Solid Copper, Original Design, A New England Product, Armor Bronze & Silver Co, Taunton, Mass" and "lacquered for anti-tarnishing" though it appears the lacquer on the handle and spout has worn. The spout and handle also appear like they may have been brass plated. The bottom has remnants of a F.W. Woolworth Co tag.
It has a  small band with a scalloped design along the bottom.

Condition: There is a little bit of wear giving this a slightly rustic look. One side has a small dent along the top and a slightly darker patina to the copper. It's imperfections though give it that perfectly aged, vintage look.

Sizing: Approximately 10" long from handle to spout. Base is about 4 1/4" in diameter

Date: approximately mid century (1950s-1970s)